A Mindset for Being Zen


Be open. There are many ways to de-stress, from meditation techniques and yoga styles to quiet places of solitude, calming music or a soothing cup of herbal tea. Experiment to see what resonates with you. Be open to each experience and notice how you feel after each activity.

Be patient. It took a while for the stress to build up and it may take a while to fully de-stress or be able to really let go of whatever’s been building up. Be patient with the process. At times, there will be immediate relief - other times the progress may seem slow and soft. Understand that sometimes things may happen just under the surface, just at the tip of our awareness. Keep going - allow things to unfold to reap the most benefits.

Be steady. Even if only a short time is available, a consistent and regular practice will create a strong foundation to build upon. Whether it’s seven minutes or half an hour, your body and mind will come to crave the experience and time you devote to self-care.

Be in the experience. Allow yourself to be in the experience – to really be fully present to each moment. If you’ve decided to sit for 5 minutes and just listen to your breath or some soothing music, let yourself go truly and deeply into the experience. Whatever is happening in your everyday life can wait for these few precious moments.

Be loving. Loving yourself means taking action to care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Meditation, yoga and energy work to name a few, are wonderful ways to find your way back to the true You. The true vibrant, radiant, beautiful You.

Be. Slow down and start thinking about ‘being’ rather than always ‘doing’.