sport & spirit

for her



What better way to get back to you, than through the fun and freedom of summer camp?  Enjoy the lake, the crisp northern air and natural wooded surroundings of camp – and experience the perfect combination of sport and spirit to revitalize your body, mind and soul.



I’m delighted to be facilitating some of the ‘spirit’ workshops during this retreat – fun and informative Aromatherapy workshops where you'll learn the basics of working safely with essential oils and how to concoct your own quality natural body products free of chemicals and animal by-products. As well as co-facilitating some Kundalini Yoga classes with my founding sister of Suniai Kundalini Yoga – Lynne Kamal Daya.


You deserve this weekend. Explore wellness for a full weekend dedicated completely to you.


Get Back to Camp, Get Back to Fun, Get Back to You!

Our goal is to help you get reconnected with your body, mind and spirit... and hopefully take home some ah-ha's and new ways of looking at wellness in your life.

You'll  have a chance to meet, mingle and be "mindful" with women from all over Ontario – women just like you who cherish the opportunity to slow down for a few days and breathe in the fresh air of northern life.

The retreat will be limited to 100 participants, with small activity class sizes (maximum 12 per activity), therefore offering you your own intimate camp experience.

NOTE: This retreat is only open to women, 21+ years of age.


Great Keynotes Designed to Inspire

We've selected our keynote speakers carefully – with a yin-yang theme.

As an exploration of the internal 'you', Kirstin Bindseil offers an in-depth look at the value of mindfulness and how busy women can integrate the science behind the practice within our daily lives.

On the flip side, Andris Pone will lead a session on personal branding and how you can precisely express what your differentiating factors are to the external world, and business marketplace, at large.



Breakouts for the 'Sporty You' and your 'Spirit'

For our breakout sessions, we're offering a balance of both active and peaceful options. Breakout sessions will include sporty camp and fitness activities, informative health workshops and rejuvenating yoga sessions.


Retreat Schedule Designed to Suit Your Needs

We have designed a well-rounded, robust schedule for both your mind and body – with the flexibility for you to opt-in and participate in the activities and sessions of your choice.


This event is now SOLD OUT.