client love

I had the pleasure of attending some of Michelle’s Yogi Treasures classes. I found each class to be like a warm embrace - helped me to let go from the day in a supportive space, soothed by Michelle’s voice and her gentleness, and having a perfect balance of meditation and restorative yoga. Michelle’s teachings are gentle and nourishing, and filled with love. I hope to try her Kundalini classes in future!
— Dr. Ameeta Dudani, Mental health professional, Mindfulness & yoga teacher
Michelle is the embodiment of peace and tranquility. Spending an hour in her healing presence helps me to feel grounded, and relaxes my mind and muscles in a way no other yoga class ever could.
— Heather McKeown
I have participated in Michelle’s restorative yoga class for a couple of years - she helped me gain increased flexibility and eliminate my back pain. She provides individual attention even in a group setting. Michelle is a warm and caring person as well as an exceptional yoga instructor. She makes everyone feel welcome, even beginners like me.
— phil brown
I absolutely love Michelle’s classes. Her warm, loving energy set a blissful tone for each class. I always feels grounded and centered when finishing class. Highly recommend checking the variety of classes she provides. Sat nam!
— Jen Allison, Photographer
Michelle is the real deal! If you are looking for a calm, relaxing class to de-stress or rejuvenate yourself or you want to go deeper in meditation, then the smorgasbord of offerings from Michelle is guaranteed to please! Michelle is a gift to those who are blessed to receive her guidance.
— Kathy DeFranco, Teacher
Doing Kundalini yoga with Michelle was divine! Most Kundalini classes are all the way downtown and I was so pleased to find a class in Markham. Set in a calming yoga studio, Michelle was the perfect guide to introduce me to magic of Kundalini yoga. I enjoyed each morning of practice with her and she provided lots of guidance to help me create a home practice in between classes. Highly recommended!
— Muriah U, Owner of Aura Stone Designs
Michelle and her spirit is a rare find. Throughout my life journey, Michelle’s heart, intuition and world class skills have been there to free and uplift me and my family (as well as my dear fur babies!). I have enjoyed participating in her group yoga and meditation classes as well as her energy healing sessions. Truly life changing experiences that continue to follow me. Her approach is powerful yet gentle and freeing, “light as a feather” so to speak. She has a vast variety of services and workshop that would suit everyone and are most endearing leaving you with happiness and contentment.
— Debby Marandola, Accounting & Tax Manager