The use of plants, botanicals and aromatics for health and healing stretches far back through history and has colored many traditions and folklore.

And while we may often read about these discoveries in dated journals, many of the therapeutic qualities and properties of these plants are still recognized today. The practice of Aromatherapy covers a broad spectrum in today's market, but at it's core, Aromatherapy is a simple practice of earth alchemy - Mother Nature providing us with her bounty.

Pure essential oils are the primary tools of Aromatherapy and can be extracted from various parts of a plant - leaves (eucalyptus), flowers (rose), stems, twigs (juniper), fruit (lemon), roots (vetiver), wood (sandlewood) and bark (cinnamon). Such a cornucopia! The vital life force and properties of these oils not only have the power to effect the physical functions of the body, but also effect our more subtle emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

The many different qualities of essential oils make therapeutic uses unlimited and offer a natural, truly holistic approach to enhancing health and well-being.




Join a group workshop and learn the basics of working safely with essential oils and how to concoct your own quality natural products, free of chemicals and animal byproducts.

dream pillow


Healing magical herbs for sweet dreams. Join a group workshop on herbal medicine, learning about the magical and healing  properties of a few herbs known to invoke pleasant dreams.

Create your own 'dream pillow' packed with aromatic herbs.



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