In the midst of busy schedules and the rhythms of everyday life, touching down for soul-nourishing practices to cultivate self-awareness, to de-stress, find balance and peace are essential. My wish is that the offering here can support you on your journey and provide the space for such soul nudging goodness and inner connection.

Restorative yoga, yoga nidra, mindful meditation and kundalini yoga all offer opportunities for deep rest, rejuvenation, restored vitality and feeling at home in your body and mind. Be open to each experience - see what resonates and how you feel. Be patient with the process and allow things to unfold – there’s no rush.  Be steady - carve out time in your schedule for regular self-care. And allow yourself to be in the experience.

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yogi treasures


A divine combination of meditation, yoga nidra and restorative yoga. Each class explores different meditation techniques, gentle movement and restorative yoga before drifting into the ‘sleep of the yogi’ - lucid sleep known as yoga nidra. Class wraps up with a nourishing savasana. A gentle, nourishing practice that supports meditative consciousness and deep relaxation. Free your mind.

restorative yoga


If you crave deep rest, come to restorative yoga, where you’ll be guided into supported poses that allow you to sink into complete relaxation and soothe your nervous system. Infused with visualizations, a meditative flow and the healing touch of energy work classes typically include four to six floor poses held passively for several minutes with the help of bolsters, blankets and block. Expect a long savasana at the end with about twenty minutes dedicated to letting the body and mind experience true rest. An optimal setting to calm the nervous system and quell the busy mind.  A restful rejuvenating practice.

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chakra tuning

Restorative Yoga Workshops

Nourishing restorative yoga coupled with guided meditations to activate the chakras (energy centres) from root to crown, incorporating aromatherapy and energy techniques to help you optimize your health and raise your happy barometer. Feel refreshed and restore your vitality.

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kundalini yoga


This yogic science provides an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, incorporating movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and the sweet sound current of mantra. My wish is that these classes offer you moment of peace, of sanctuary and healing, taking you deeper and supporting you to relax into your true nature, your true radiance. Experience this amazing yoga technology and feel the change ripple through your life- experience your soul.

sweet saturday

Mindful Meditation & Gentle Yoga classes

Spark your awareness, indulge in some you time and ease your way into the weekend with some blissful gentle yoga and mindful meditation. This class brings together the jewels of yoga – gentle stretches to open the body, mindful meditative practices to deepen your connection and nurturing poses to support the journey. Expect a long shavasana at the end, with about twenty minutes devoted to letting the body and mind experience true rest. Allow yourself the sweet experience of feeling your own power.

emotional balance

Yoga for Depression & Emotional Balance Workshops

Yoga teaches us how to lift ourselves out of depression and move toward a deeper sense of self.  Experience and learn an integrated yogic approach of meditation, mantra, breath work and postures you can practice at home.