Meditation for the Blossoming of Your True Self


When you feel worried or stressed, take a moment to call on your inner resources using this meditation, and feel free and radiant. This meditation is extremely relaxing

From a seated posture, place hands in front of the throat centre. With the base of the palms touching, make the shape of a flower bud with the hands, bringing the fingers and thumbs to touch. The hands will open and close slowly like a budding flower. Fingers will spread apart – hands will be cupped, and then gently close again to their bud shape, base of palms remain touching. Close the eyes, and feel “I am infinity. I am the rose”. Feel as if you are the blossom, opening up. Hold the focus and continue for 5, 7 or 11 minutes.

The teachings of Kundalini yoga provide a broad spectrum of unique practices and meditations for body, mind and spirit. Gifts from Yogi Bhajan to uplift, rejuvenate and find peace every day.  There’s a practice waiting for you!